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PAPERS — Vall de Núria, Spain

Papers and Presentations

An Interactive Tool for Landscape Analysis
Authors: Roman Arbiol, Oriol Viñas, and Vicenç Palà

An Example of Cartography in the Andes: the New Version of the Topographic Database and Map of the Argentinean Republic at 1:100 000
Authors: Blanca Baella, Josep Lluís Colomer, Maria Pla

Illustrating Terrains Using Direction of Slope and Lighting
Authors: Kevin Buchin, Mario Costa Sousa, Jürgen Döllner, Faramarz Samavati, Maike Walther

True 3D Visualisation of Mountainous Terrain by Means of Lenticular Foil Technology
Authors: Manfred Buchroithner, Klaus Habermann, Thomas Gründemann

Photographic Maps of Mountain Areas – Can They Be Useful?
Author: Jacek Drachal

Free and Low Cost Datasets for International Mountain Cartography
Author: Martin Gamache

Tibles Mountain (Romania) Tourist Map
Authors: Marin Ilies, Gabriela Ilies

Bringing Traditional Panorama Projections from the Painter’s Canvas to the Digital Realm
Author: Bernhard Jenny

Documentation of the Retreat of a Small Debris-Covered Cirque Glacier (Goessnitzkees, Austrian Alps) by Means of Terrestrial Photogrammetry
Authors: Viktor Kaufmann, Richard Ladstädter

Geodetic Measurements on Glaciers and Rock Glaciers in the Hohe Tauern National Park (Austria)
Authors: Gerhard Kienast, Viktor Kaufmann

LWD-Infosystem Tirol – Concept and Design of an Avalanche Decision Support System
Author: Karel Kriz

Change Detection of a Mountain Slope by Means of Ground-Based Photogrammetry: A Case Study in the Austrian Alps
Authors: Richard Ladstädter, Viktor Kaufmann

Hal Shelton Revisited: Designing and Producing Natural-Color Maps with Satellite Land Cover Data | Presentation
Authors: Tom Patterson, Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso

Landscape Visualization Software: Creating Landcover Content for a Natural Looking Map
Author: Lojze Miklavčič

Map of the Intrinsic Risk of Avalanches for the Aragonese Pyrenees by using GIS Techniques
Author: Ignacio C. Maestro Cano

Use of Tree Damage and Tree-Ring Information to Understand the Dynamics and Improve the Cartography of Canal del Roc Roig Avalanche Path (Vall de Núria)
Authors: Elena Muntán, Ricard Molina, Pere Oller, Emilia Gutiérrez, Glòria Furdada, Pere Martínez, Joan Manuel Vilaplana, Jordi Marturià

Avalanche Mapping in the Catal Pyrenees, Balance and Future Perspectives
Authors: Oller, P.; Marturià, J.; Martí, G.; González, J.C.; Martínez, P.

Generalization of Height Points in Trail Maps
Authors: Jesús Palomar Vazquez, Josep Pardo Pascual

New Approaches in Mountain Maps
Author: Dusan Petrovic

Lidar Applications to Rock Fall Hazard Assesment in Vall de Núria
Authors: Marc Janeras, Maria Navarro, Georgina Arnó, Antonio Ruiz, Wolfgang Kornus, Julià Talaya, Marcel Barberà, Ferran López

Geomatics Techniques Applied to the Cartography of Rocks Glaciers. Case Studies of the "Argualas" and "Corral del Veleta" Glaciers.
Authors: José Juan de Sanjosé Blasco, Alan David James Atkinson Gordo, Ferran Salvador Franch, Antonio Gómez Ortiz, Enrique Serrano Cañadas

HazTOOL: A Geo-spatial System for Data Management, Modeling, Visualization, and Analysis within an Alpine Valley
Authors: Boris Stern, Radu Constantin Gogu, Lorenz Hurni

The Use of Hillshading in Canadian Mountain Cartography:
The Western Cordillera of British Columbia and Alberta

Authors: Roger Wheate, Nancy Alexander
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