Commission on Mountain Cartography

PAPERS — Borsa, Romania

Geographia Technia, Special Issue, 2010


7th ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop
Mountain Mapping and Geospatial Information Retrieval


Automatic Close–Range Photogrammety to Digital Terrain Model in Ice Patch Jou Negro
(Picos de Europa-Spain)

Authors: Javier De Matías Bejarano, Fernando Berenguer Sempere, José Juan De Sanjosé Blasco

Characterization of Greek Municipalities and Sub-Municipalities According to their Topographic Relief
Authors: Athanassia Darra, Marinos Kavouras, Nikos Tzelepis

Small Scale Mapping of the Mountains with the Use of SRTM and MODIS Data
Author: Jacek Drachal

Digital Rock and Scree Drawing in Vector and Raster Mode
Authors: Jürg Gilgen, Bernhard Jenny

Mountain Maps in the Web-Based "Swiss World Atlas Interactive" – Characteristics and Added Value for Geographic Education
Authors: Christian Häberling, Lorenz Hurni

Visualisation of Mountain-Related Topics in the "Atlas Of Switzerland 3"
Authors: Lorenz Hurni, René Sieber

Micro-Scale Geostatistical Analysis of the Level of Development. Case Study: Mountainous and Subcarpathian Area of Ialomiţa Hydrographic Basin
Authors: Ioan Ianoş, Alexandru I. Petrişor

GIS Platform for Interdisciplinary Environmental Research
Ionuţ Iosifescu, Lorenz Hurni

Bending Type to Represent the Third Dimension of Terrain on Maps
Author: Bernhard Jenny

Measurement of Surface Flow Velocity of Active Rock Glaciers Using Orthophotos of Virtual Globes
Author: Viktor Kaufmann

Introducing Natural Earth Data –
Authors: Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso, Tom Patterson

Automated Small-Scale Relief Shading: A New Method and Software Application
Authors: Anna M. Leonowicz, Bernhard Jenny

Mountain Cartography in the Argentinian Mountain
Author: Carlos Osvaldo Nelson

Some Contributions to Deriving Topographic Features from Airborne Laser Scanning Data
Author: Dušan Petrovič

Mountains’ Peaks Determination Supported with Shapes Analysis
Author: Tomaž Podobnikar

Advances of Interdisciplinary Cartography in the Himalayan Mountains
Authors: David Schobesberger, Karel Kriz

Applying Swiss Mountain Relief Shading Techniques within Russian School of Cartography
Author: Marianna Serebryakova

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