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PAPERS — Bohinj, Slovenia

Papers and Presentations

Coordinate Homogenisation in Triglav National Park | Presentation
Authors: Blaž Barborič, Nika Mesner

Development of New Types of Glacier Dynamics Maps | Presentation
Authors: Manfred F. Buchroithner, Sebastian Walther

Striking Variety of the Mountain Chains Appearance on Satellite Images Provided by Google Earth | Presentation
Author: Jacek Drachal

A Data Model for Name Features of the Natural Landscape | Presentation
Authors: Charlie Frye, Aileen Buckley

Current Mountain Cartographic Work by the Alpine Mapping Guild | Presentation
Author: Martin Gamache

Revision of Rock, Scree and Glacier in a Databased Cartographic System | Presentation
Author: Jürg Gilgen

From the Field Sheet to the Complete Digital Workflow
Author: Martin Gurtner | Presentation

Aspects of 3D Map Integration in Interactive School Atlases | Presentation
Authors: Christian Häberling, Hans Rudolf Bär

Terrain Representation in Small-Scaled Maps | Presentation
Authors: Michael Heuberger, Karel Kriz

What Makes Cartography Interesting for Mountain Researchers?
Authors: Lorenz Hurni, Ionuţ Iosifescu-Enescu

Design of a Panorama Map with Plan Oblique and spherical Projection | Presentation
Author: Bernhard Jenny

10 Years of Monitoring of the Doesen Rock Glacier (Ankogel Group, Austria) – A Review of the Research Activities for the Time Period 1995-2005 | Presentation
Authors: Viktor Kaufmann, Richard Ladstädter, Gerhard Kienast

Geo-Communication and Daily Avalanche Awareness | Presentation
Authors: Michaela Kinberger, Karel Kriz

Application of Satellite Remote Sensing in Natural Hazard Management: The Mount Mangart Landslide Case Study | Presentation
Authors: Krištof Oštir, Tatjana Veljanovski

Developing a New Visitor Map of Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska | Presentation
Author: Tom Patterson

Analysis of User's Response on 3D Cartographic Presentations | Presentation
Authors: Dušan Petrovič, Polona Mašera

Triglav National Park Historical Maps Analysis | Presentation
Authors: Tomaž Podobnikar, Žiga Kokalj

DEM from Various Data Sources and Geomorphic Details Enhancement | Presentation
Author: Tomaž Podobnikar

New Challenges and Possible Reorganization of Slovenian Mountain Rescue Service | Presentation
Authors: Vladimir Prebilič, Uroš Svete

An Animated Presentation of the Dresden "Altai-GIS"
Authors: Nicolas Prechtel, Katja Londershausen

Handmade Relief Models
Author: Stefan Räber

Mt. Aconcagua – A Challenge for Remote Sensing Mapping Activities in the Andes | Presentation
Authors: Wolfgang Sulzer, Robert Kostka

From Geomorphological Mapping to Risk Assessment: A Project of Integrated GIS Application in the Western Swiss Alps | Presentation
Authors: David Theler, Emmanuel Reynard, Eric Bardou

Photogrammetrical Monitoring of the Triglav Glacier in Slovenia | Presentation
Author: Mihaela Triglav-Čekada

Some Experiences in Analytical Relief Shading | Presentation
Authors: Dražen Tutić, Miljenko Lapaine, Vesna Poslončec-Petrić

Interactive Hiking Map of Yosemite National Park
Authors: Juliana Neumann-Williams, Andreas Neumann
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