Commission on Mountain Cartography

PAPERS — ICA-CMC-Session, Rio, Brazil, 2015

Session "Topographical Mapping and Mountain Cartography"

Automatic Rock Depiction via Relief Shading
Authors: Roman Geisthövel, Lorenz Hurni

Re-mapping the Cliffs of Mount Everest: Deriving a Synoptic Map from Large-scale Mountain Map Data
Authors: Lorenz Hurni, Angeliki Tsorlini, Patrick Lehmann, Roland Schenkel, Roman Geisthövel

Sine Wave, Clustering and Watershed Analysis to Implement Adaptive Illumination and Generalisation in Shaded Relief Representations

Authors: Marianna Serebryakova, Fabio Veronesi, Lorenz Hurni

Representing Terrain Entities using Lidar Data (Abstract)
Author: E. Lynn Usery

Laser-scanning of complex cave systems and animated cave visualisation (Abstract)
Author: Manfred Buchroithner

Physical 3D Map of the Nordic Center Planica – Cartographic Principles and Techniques Used With 3D Printing (Abstract)
Author: Primož Kete

Cartographic Visualizing of Attractive Proposed Road Connection Crossing Mountain Ridge (Abstract)
Authors: Edvard Lavrič, Robert Rijavec, Dušan Petrovič

Topographic and Tourist Cartography of National Parks and Reserves (Abstract)
Author: Carlos O. Nelson

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