Commission on Mountain Cartography

PAPERS — ICA-CMC-Session, Santiago de Chile, 2009

Session Mountain Cartography

Mapping Vegetation Change Affecting Stream Yield in the Central Andes of Colombia
Author: Mario A. Giraldo

Methods for Real-Time Visualization and Exploration Improvements of Precipitation Radar and Temperature Data in Web-Cartography
Authors: Christophe Lienert, Melanie Kunz, Lorenz Hurni

Visualization of Glacier Surface Movements
Authors: Samuel Wiesmann, Andreas Kääb, Lorenz Hurni

Mapping Cultural History of the Western Himalayas
Authors: Karel Kriz, Alexander Pucher, Michaela Kinberger, David Schobesberger

Cartography Representation of Indigenous Town Territory in Purepecha Region, Michoacán, México
Author: León Carlos Arredondo

Relief Representation in Mountain Areas
Authors: François Lecordix, Loïc Gondol, Patrick Julien, Kusay Jaara

Hill-Shading Techniques to Enhance Terrain Maps
Author: Patrick J. Kennelly

Monitoring of a Melting Ice Patch from Geomatic Techniques: The Jou Negro
Authors: Alan D.J. Atkinson, José Juan de Sanjosé Blasco

Response of European Rock Glaciers to Climate Change. A Comparitive Analysis of Doesen (Austrian Alps), Posets (Central Pyrenees) and Corral del Veleta (Sierra Nevada) during 2001-2008 Period.
Authors: José Juan de Sanjosé Blasco, Antonio Gómez Ortiz, Enrique Serrano Cañadas,
Alan D.J. Atkinson Gordo, Ferran Salvador Franch, Juan José González Trueba

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