Commission on Mountain Cartography

PAPERS — ICA-CMC-Session, Coruña, Spain, 2005

Session Mountain Cartography

Terrain Assessment in a Mountainous Environment - A Swiss Austrian Contemplation
Author: Karel Kriz

Perspective Views and Panoramas in Presentation of Relief Forms in Poland
Author: Waldemar Rudnicki

The comparitive effects of 2D and 3D representations on human wayfinding
Authors: Michael Wood, David G. Pearson, Colin Calder and David Miller

Development of a Web-Mapping Expert Tool for Hazard Assessment in Alpine Valleys
Authors: B. Stern, J. Trau, H. Freimark, D. Straub, R. Gogu and L. Hurni

Photogrammetric Methods for the Obtaining of Detailed Cartography in Active Mountain Glaciers
Authors: Alan D.J. Atkinson Gordo, José Juan de Sanjosé Blasco, Nuria Andrés de Pablo and Ferran Salvador Franch

Geowarn: A Web-based Atlas Information System for Volcanic Monitoring
Authors: L. Hurni, B. Jenny, R. Gogu, H. Freimark, A. Terribilini and V. Dietrich
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