Commission on Mountain Cartography

PAPERS — ICA-CMC-Session, Ottawa, Canada, 1999

Session Relief

"Real" 3D Technologies for Relief Depiction
Authors: Sabine Kirschenbauer and Manfred F. Buchroithner

Visualisation of Scale Dependencies in Surface Models
Author: Jo Wood

Maps in transition: development of interactive vector-based topographic 3D-maps
Author: Andrea Terribilini

Perspectives and Design in High Mountain Cartography
Author: Karel Kriz

Terrain Elevation Data Structure Operations
Authors: Wm. Randolph Franklin and Michael B. Gousie

A Concept for model generalization of digital landscape models from finer to coarser resolution
Authors: Dieter Morgenstern and Dietrich Schürer

Automated Relief Representation for Visualisation of Archaeological Monuments
Authors: Adrienne O'Loughlin and William A. Mackaness

Symbolization in topographic 3D-maps: conceptual aspects for user-oriented design
Author: Christian Häberling

Digital Cliff Drawing for Topographic Maps
Authors: Lorenz Hurni, Andreas Neumann and Ernst Hutzler

Computing and Visualizing Morphologically Sound DEMs in a Raster Environment
Authors: Juha Oksanen and Olli Jaakkola
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