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WORKSHOP — Taurewa, New Zealand

Proceedings – Print version

Proceedings Mapping Mountain Dynamics : From Glaciers to Volcanoes

Proceedings of the 8th ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop,
1st-5th September 2012, Taurewa, New Zealand.

ISBN 978-0-473-25829-0; ISSN 2382-0381

Published by CartoPRESS, New Zealand Cartographic Society Inc.
Limited edition.

Proceedings – Online version

Proceedings Mapping Mountain Dynamics : From Glaciers to Volcanoes

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Papers (15 single pdf's), Abstracts (7), Presentations (26)

Introduction (pdf, 2.2 MB) | List of Authors and Participants (pdf)

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Further Publications

ICA News 59, p.16-17: Workshop in Taurewa, New Zealand (pdf, 1.6 MB)
Commission Meeting in Taurewa – Minutes (pdf)
Workshop Programme Website
List of Participants (pdf)
Review in Spanish:
Revista El Ojo del Condor, IGN Argentina, 4/2013 by Carlos O. Nelson (pdf)

Photo Galleries

25 photos of the workshop week in Taurewa.
Outdoor Activities
25 photos of ski and hiking tours.

Workshop Organisation

Cartographic Society of New Zealand
Geoff Aitken, Chair of the organising committee, NewTopo (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt, NZ
Igor Drecki, School of Environment, University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ
Christian Fremd, Geographx (NZ) Ltd, Wellington, NZ
Antoni Moore, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ
Roger Smith, Geographx (NZ) Ltd, Wellington, NZ

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